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Sistema integrato per ricavare i dati CAD e/o Gerber a partire da PCB o Schede Montate, Phototool, Stencil, ecc.
Che cos'è ScanFAB?

ScanFAB is a fully integrated, stand-alone, scanner- based re-engineering system that permits the creation of CAD data (DXF/Gerber/Drill/CNC) from existing multilayer PCBs, parts, phototools, stencils, drawings, microfiche, PDF files, X-Ray images, etc.
It also contains a full Gerber editor that can be used to import, modify and export Gerber & Drill data.
ScanFAB uses Windows-based software linked to a high-resolution, calibrated flatbed scanner. This combination allows for accurate reverse engineering and precise reproduction of data to exact FORM, FIT and FUNCTION for today's high density PCB board designs, complex parts and tooling.
Flusso del Processo

The process of image capture in B&W, Gray or Color through the conversion of raster to vector data followed by several quality control steps and finally the output in a wide variety of formats is all done in a logical, intuitive and well designed platform. Support materials include context sensitive help and work flows with embedded training videos, etc.

Funzioni Automatiche

ScanFAB offers various functions to quickly and automatically "vectorize" the scanned image: Flash Pads (circular, square, oval, rectangle), Tracks (orthogonal/all angle), Silkscreen, Soldermak, Copper Fill Areas/Ground & Power Planes, Crosshatched Areas (90°/45°), Stencil Files, Pads and tracks on grid, Step & Repeat, Drill & Route CNC data



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